Workshop data options for South Africa

Workshop and Technical Data for South Africa

In recent years a “South African Auto Data Digest” was produced for all cars, and light delivery vehicles that were manufactured in South Africa.  These manuals were sold in the CNA’s, and other bookshops.  However, they are no longer available, and all printed workshop data manuals were discontinued.  In December 2014, all valid software CD’s were migrated to an “on-line” product only.

Currently, the only technical information that is still being produced in print format is the Haynes workshop manuals.  This can also be purchased as an “on line” product.  The advantage of this is that the “on line” version does not have to be posted and thus reduces costs.  This improves turn-around times.

Online Manual
Haynes Online Manual

HaynesPro in South Africa

We at Autobooks have been working with Haynes publishers for nearly 20 years.  Currently we are the sole importer of the workshop manuals for the South African motor trade.  We also support the motor trade with the HaynesPro workshop data packages and have the authority to generate the licences locally.  The HaynesPro package is Europe’s leading workshop data package, and has been approved for use in South Africa by both the RMI (Retail Motor Industry) and MIWA (Motor Industry Workshop Association).

MIWA logo
MIWA logo

What we must never forget is that Haynes Publishing was founded on the desire to assist the DIY mechanic.  They have been a part of the South African motoring scene for nearly 50 years.  It is with this sprit that we must continue their work.  Therefore, no workshop is too big or too small, and all will be assisted equally.

HaynesPro WorkshopData
HaynesPro WorkshopData Packages

The video below shows both the old method of repair via making use of wiring diagrams, as well as by using the HaynesPro VESA system.

Should you wish to find out more about the HaynesPro workshopData package, or the Haynes printed workshop manuals, please enter the link  below, and we will direct you to the relevant websites.

HaynesPro WorkshopData

Haynes Workshop Manuals

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